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core moringa nutrition

Core Nutrition

Complete nutrition, Moringa Oleifera is the most nutrient dense botanical on earth! Zija has found the most nutrient rich Species of Moringa, We grow the Moringa trees in the hottest/driest climates in the world to Condense the Nutrients, We painstakingly shade dry our leaves, and minimally process the product to make sure when it arrives to your door,  your product is Enzymatically Alive and Cell ready. Core Nutrition

Ameo Essential oils, clinical grade

Essential Oils

Améo tipped the Essential Oil world on it head Sept 2014, with the largest Essential Oil Release ever. Here are a few reasons we shook the market up; the only Clinical grade oils on the market, the only Essential Oil that can prove it’s Cell Permeable and Cell Active, every bottle has a batch code so you can see online how that oil performed and watch the oil permeate cells, the Certi 5 difference. Have a look at what the world is talking about. Améo

Ripsitx work out supplements

Sport Supplements

Ripstix Sport Supplements, an all natural workout line that is plant based. Now you can power your active lifestyle with out putting all the harmful chemicals that are typically found in a lot of the work out supplements. Experience the unbelievable PUMP you get when using the Ripstix Line. Check out the Ignite pre-workout, Fuel fuel your workout, Recover the name says it all.. recover so you can go out and do it again, and last but not least is Hydrate our version of the sports drink with 1/10 the calories. Ripstix genM skin care

Personal Care

GenM personal care looks to promote inner and outer beauty through natural and effective solutions.   GenM Uses cutting edge botanicals to naturally enhance your skin, botanicals like Moringa Oleifera, Améo Essential oils, Mangosteen and many more naturally occurring botanicals all to enhance your beauty naturally. Moringa morcler water filter purification

Morcler Purification

A revolutionary new home water purifying and filtration system. No need for plumbing or complex technical installation instructions! Morclēr’s unique six-stage water filtration and purifying system combines the power of reverse osmosis with Moringa’s cleansing properties to deliver clean, pure, drinkable water.

moringa.coameo entune CBD Oil Square

Améo Entune
CBD Oil Square

Améo Entune Square is a full spectrum CBD Oil Square (patch) that is unique in many ways, one being that it uses two forms of CBD Oil, a water soluble CBD Oil and a CBD Oil, this allows for a rapid onset of action and a prolonged release of up to 24hrs or more. Being a transdermal delivery method the bioavailability is much higher than the rest.

Zija’s Products Allow you to Achieve an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Moringa “The Miracle Tree”

Moringa Oleifera Tree -Miracle tree as it was coined by the Discovery Channel in their documentary. Moringa is known by so many different names around the world, another common name is the Drumstick tree.

The tree grows with in 10 degrees either way of the equator, in Hot, Dry, and Arid conditions, the harsher the climate is the more dense the nutrients seem to be. Zija’s Moringa is grown in the hottest part of India, with over 300 days of over 100 degree weather, this combined with most nutrient strain or variety of Moringa is one of the reason’s Zija’s Moringa is Superior.

What’s amazing is the 92 verifiable nutrients, 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 18 Amino Acids (9 Essential Amino Acids that your body does not produce you must obtain from your diet), Omega 3,6,9 and your B-Vitamins. and more the next closes nutrient rich plant has 28 nutrients.

Zija has taken all the necessary steps to ensure only the highest quality of unadulterated, shade dried Moringa is used in their products, this care allows Zija’s Moringa to be Enzymatically Alive and Cell Ready when it is reconstituted with water. Allowing your body to readily absorb the nutrition.

Why Zija? Why Now?

Why Zija, Why Now?

Zija is at the forefront of the Natural Health Revolution, finding and developing solutions to help fight our global health crisis. First to market Moringa Oleifera, Clinical Grade Essential oils backed by science and live proof of cell permeation and interactions with in the cell, and have mapped how Essential oils influence our genetic expression. Millions of Americans are drinking cancer causing Radium in the water supply, Zija’s Morcler removes 97% of all radium out of the water. Zija is at the forefront of the CDB Oil scientific development with the Améo Entune Square a full spectrum CBD Oil Square (Patch) with two forms of CBD Oil, for a sustained 24hr release, Oral CBD Oils lose @93% of their potency once it passes through first pass metabolism, where the Square is absorbed directly into the fat and bloodstream. 

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Zija Product and Business Overview

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Product and Business Overview

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