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  • chris d estes zija international

38yr old School Teacher Achieves Companies top Rank

Chris Estes, school teacher turned multi million dollar earner, achieves Zija Internationals Top pin Rank and surpasses David Moses as the companies top money earner. A position that David has held for over 10 years.

  • zija international welcomes xango as they merge into the zija organization

Xango merges with Zija International

Xango merges with Zija International      Yet another company in a short few months has join forces with Zija International as they merge their companies into Zija. Why is there a rush of movement within the Network Marketing / Direct Sales industry to join Zija on their quest to champion the Natural Health Revolution?  

  • Zija international welcomes the merging of Qivana into the zija family

Qivana Merges with Zija International

Qivana Merges with Zija International   Zija Internationals Ryan Palmer announced that Qivana, a world renowned Nutritional company in the Direct Sales Network, that follows the same beliefs and ideals as we do have now joined forces and are now apart of the Zija Family and looking to live their lives Unlimited.     Qivana

  • Natural toothpaste with essential oils ameo whitening toothpaste

Natural Essential Oils Toothpaste -Améo Whitening Toothpaste

Natural Essential Oils Toothpaste Améo Whitening Toothpaste   Améo Whitening Toothpaste - Cool Mint If you were to ask many health minded people to list the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean Fifteen" they could probably do a good job of hitting a lot of the key items on the list, now if your were to

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