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Zija International began by making history with our line of high-quality health and nutrition products—including drinks, teas, skin care, supplements and shakes—that leverage nature’s most beneficial ingredients.This passion for wellness has since flourished and expanded into Ameo. Because our luxuriously pure essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, we are proud to share them with you and those you care about.

Ameo Essential Oils also build upon the four pillars of Zija’s “Life Unlimited” mantra and company culture—Health and Nutrition, Active Lifestyle, Financial Freedom, and Personal Development.

The Ameo products and business opportunity have revolutionized the health and wellness world and changed the way people look at taking care of mind, body and soul. All Ameo Essential Oils are CERTI-5™ validated, meaning that they’ve passed extensive testing for quality, purity, and usability. We also take additional steps to make sure that each oil is cell active and permeable for maximum results and is the same or better quality than oils used in clinical testing.

Âme means soul in French. Rico means rich in Spanish. Together, they create Ameo. We want you to take part in Ameo, a product line that believes in Rich Souls. Our essential oils will help you continue to feel your best, look your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to enjoy your life; this new life begins with the numerous benefits of using these oils on a daily basis. Congratulations on deciding to take the next steps toward enhancing your existence. From one Rich Soul to another, welcome to Ameo.

The ameo difference, check each bottle / batch of Ameo Essential oils that are produced

Ameo Difference

Every bootle of Améo Essential oil has a Batch Code on the bottom, Navigate to the Améo Difference website and place the batch code into the search field. You will be able to see all the tests performed on that batch of oils, and how they performed. Every batch is tested, and can be searched online.

The Améo Difference

“The Only Essential Oil Proven to be Cell Permeable and Active Within the Cell…”

Ameo Cell Active & Permeable 

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