Améo Gene Expression – AGX

Have you ever wondered why some people have immediate affects and others are delayed? Delayed to the point the person using the supplement quits and says this stuff isn’t working… We are trained to see immediate results in everything we do.AGX_SOCIAL, agx, ameo gene expression, Améo Gene Expression

When we txt someone if they don’t get back to us promptly we get upset and wonder why they are ignoring us, you have blood work done, in stead of waiting weeks to see your Dr for the results we just check on line in a cpl days.

So Why when I take the Améo Gene Expression pills I can feel it working and a change in a couple days like many others, but some people don’t have that same immediate positive feed back?

I was given this response, it’s from Jon Raynes.

“You see, the nucleus of the cell is not the “Brain of the Cell” as it is often described. Yes, the nucleus does contain our DNA. But, the nucleus is more like the gonads of the cell, containing the blueprint of the cell. The only time a blue print is needed in a cell is when it is duplicating itself or it is repairing itself. If the cell is not doing either of these, the blueprints are left alone in the nucleus.

Did you know that scientists have actually removed the nucleus of cells and they continue living? Some cells have been shown to live up to 2 MONTHS WITHOUT A NUCLEUS! Crazy Right!?! The gene blueprint is essential, but only to duplicate or repair itself.”

It goes on to say.

“It means you must continue taking it to get the full benefits! It takes time for the cell to need the blueprint, and when it does, you want the proper gene expression to be promoted with the proven science of the single largest experiment done in essential oils ever! Thank you Dr. Plant!!!

One last thing, we all know to take AGX with breakfast and dinner each day. I recently learned that if you are experiencing oil burps, you can freeze the capsules! They thaw as they are further down your digestive tract. It doesn’t hurt the efficacy and it reduces the oil burps!

So, want to look good in your genes? Take AGX knowing that it takes some time for your cells to need that specific code- and when it does you’ll be ready!”

So this opened my eyes to some reasons  some people experience different onset of affect from Zija’s Améo Gene Expression AGX capsules.

Stay tuned on Oct 23-24th Zija will be announcing 15-20 new products in all there Core division, The Core Nutrition, Ripstix All natural work out supplements, and the Améo Essential oils line which AGX is in.


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