Amica Volger

Natural Health Revolution Ambassador


natural health ambassador amica vogler zija internationalWe recently launched our Natural Health Revolution Ambassador program at Zija International. As a company, we have been focusing on the timely importance of embracing the Natural Health Revolution—an encouragement to naturally nourish, naturally improve our performance, and naturally restore the body. We chose a solid group of individuals and Distributors who truly embody the our Life Unlimited culture and are uplifting representations of the Natural Health Revolution. These ambassadors, who will serve in this role for up to 1 year, have received specialized training and will be holding meetings together in pairs in various markets across the country—promoting the importance of the Natural Health Revolution.

Hear from Amica Vogler in her own words on why the Natural Health Revolution is so important and how Zija International is helping her live Life Unlimited:

“The natural health that Zija stands for is what initially drew me to the company as I’ve always had a passion for fuelling my body naturally. The fact that Zija’s products were founded on science was also important to me, as I was just finishing up my Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy when I first learned about the Zija opportunity.

The Natural Health Revolution to me is a lifestyle. I live and breathe natural health. In order for a revolution to take place, we have to have ambassadors that are not just taking Zija products, but are truly exemplifying the message. I feel we should not just educate others and talk about it, but we should be about it! We need to set the standard with the choices we make in our daily lives. When we do this, people will see that we are authentic in our cause and will want to join us!

Through the Natural Health Revolution, we get to live a Life Unlimited, which includes the 4 pillars (health, wellness, and beauty, active lifestyle, financial and time freedom, and personal development). I love the fact that this revolution is something bigger than just myself. It’s a chance for all of us to join together and take a stand, not only for our lives, but for those generations to come. I know we can change the world one person at a time through this revolution and I am honoured to have been chosen as 1 of 14 Natural Health Revolution Ambassadors. I believe everything rises on leadership and I want to be a leader in this movement!

As a Distributor in network marketing, I feel that it is my work ethic and consistency that sets me apart. Having a heart of a champion and a willingness to do the daily disciplines are also key factors contributing to my accomplishments. I’ve realized that most people have false expectations of what it takes to have success in this industry, treating their network marketing opportunity as a hobby instead of a business. Thankfully, my mentors have helped me develop and learn how to treat this as a business and be an entrepreneur. I see the Natural Health Revolution as an opportunity to leave a legacy in and for my family and this is what drives me each day!

In my short time with Zija, I’ve already seen a lot of lives impacted and changed through the Natural Health Revolution. I love the fact that anyone that has some sort of lack or void in their life can fill it with Zija. It might be nutrition—Zija can help. It might be personal development—Zija can help. It might be a lack of financial freedom—Zija can help. It might be a lack of an active lifestyle— Zija can help. I see people growing and becoming better versions of themselves. I really love that it’s not just a “me” thing, it’s a “we” thing! The synergy that comes with team and Zija corporate creates an “anything is possible” atmosphere and facilitates Life Unlimited.

Life Unlimited to me means living the abundant life that God has designed us to live. We all have unique gifts and through this Natural Health Revolution we can use those to better not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us. Living Life Unlimited is rich in relationships and rich in experiences. We get to stretch ourselves to become more, so we can do more for others. I am incredibly excited to represent Zija and I want to partner with anyone who has a burning desire to achieve their own Life Unlimited!”




Posted on Wed, 06/17/2015 – 09:52 by Kylie Stokes (zija )
“Wow! That is the word that comes to mind as I sit here writing my second story for the Zija Mail in the last two weeks. Achieving the Rank of Diamond this early in my career is certainly a reflection of the incredible leadership, teamwork, and timing of Zija International.
For the past seven years I have been a student of Physical Therapy. After the Zija products transformed my family’s health, I naturally had a desire to share them and build a business! However, I had ZERO network marketing experience, so I quickly became a student of the industry. I began seeking advice, asking questions, and following my mentors who were making it happen! As Dan Clarke said in Las Vegas: ‘Pay any price and travel any distance to spend time with extraordinary people . . . you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.’
I have learned that in order to be successful in this business, and anything in life for that matter, you have to constantly be growing and learning. My daily routine consists of personal development, reviewing goals, accountability calls, and frequent communication with my team leaders.
Two principles that have been essential to my success are (1) positive attitude and (2) serving others. One of my favorite quotes is from Wade Boggs: ‘A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.’ Once our attitude is right, and we begin focusing on others and their success, ours will come! Go Zija Nation!