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The Ridiculous Hour with Dr. Joshua Plant

Dr. Joshua Plant -The Ridiculous Hour   Dr. Joshua Plant is interviewed by Joseph Zenner's "the Ridiculous Hour" This is a must watch interview if your interested in your natural health and wellness. Dr Plant discusses Zija's Nutritional Products, Moringa (Moringa Oleifera ) Core Nutritional products, Améo Essential Oils, Améo Gene Expression, and Ripstix Fitness

Antioxidant Hero -Moringa Oleifera!

Antioxidant Hero -Moringa Oleifera!   It's always nice to have a hero on your team! and with Moringa Oleifera you have the Superman of Nutritional Supplements, The supper food or Miracle tree, Is the most nutrient dense botanical on the planet. Moringa has 46 naturally occurring plant based Antioxidants, There was another interesting article I

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