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Dr. Joshua Plant is interviewed by Joseph Zenner’s “the Ridiculous Hour”

This is a must watch interview if your interested in your natural health and wellness. Dr Plant discusses Zija’s Nutritional Products, Moringa (Moringa Oleifera ) Core Nutritional products, Améo Essential Oils, Améo Gene Expression, and Ripstix Fitness Supplements.

Zija has a commitment to be on the forefront of the Nutritional Revolution, developing products that are scientifically proven and validated. Dr. J0shua Plant has taken the Essential Oils World to new heights and shocked the industry, with his experience and research at the National Institute of Health and Harvard.



Améo Essential Oils are the Highest Quality on the market and backed by science. Améo allows the consumer to see the testing that is done on EVERY BATCH of Améo Essential Oil, not every 50th, 100th 0r 1000th batch…. every batch! Every individual bottle of Essential oil has a batch number on the bottom, Place that number into “The Améo Difference” and see who your oil faired on the testing and see real time results of that essential oil Permeating the cell membrane and being cell active. You an also count on the Certi 5 difference. No other oils will be this transparent with testing and manufacturing.




AGX and the unveiling of the AGX Zones a new way to categorize essential oils The body is divided into 6 Zones.

AGX Zones


Zija International has the highest quality moringa on the market because of 5 key steps.

1)Zija Identified the most nutritious region in the world to grow their Moringa Trees.

2)We utilize more that just the leaves, we utilize the Seeds, Fruit, and the Leaves, each part of the tree have a unique nutritional profile. By only using the leaves (most companies) your missing out on other parts to the Moringa Oleifera Tree that have amazing nutrient content to compliment and ensure that the Core Nutritional products that Zija has ( Super Mix, Smart Mix, and XM+, XM3, XMProtien ) all have the highest nutritional content than any others moringa products on the market.

3)Shade drying moringa helps persevere the nutritional profile, enrichment of the components, and increases the bioavailability of the nutrition. keeping the moringa unadulterated.

4)State of the art manufacturing facility to insure that our moringa is unadulterated during the manufacturing process, 10’s of millions of dollars have been spent on the facility.

5)Quality control, moringa that is received at the manufacturing facility is analyzed for heavy metals, and other trace contaminants, the nutritional profile of the raw product is analyzed to ensure the highest quality prior to accepting the moringa. Once processed the moringa is tested again ensuring the highest quality product is being given to it’s distributors and consumers.


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