Améo Whitening Toothpaste -Natural Essential Oils Toothpaste 

Améo Whitening Toothpaste – Cool Mint

If you were to ask many health minded people to list the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen” they could probably do a good job of hitting a lot of the key items on the list, now if your were to ask them to list the “Dirty Dozen” for personal care products many would have a hard time listing any. ameo whitening toothpasteOral care is vitally important and most take it for granted that tooth paste is tooth paste as long as you brush twice a day your teeth will be healthy.. we this is true to some degree but your oral mucosa is a fantastic way to absorb nutrients and other harmful chemicals. If  you have ever wondered why you put some medications under your tongue or in the buccal pocket? It’s because of the rapid absorption rate. So it stands to reason that if your brushing your teeth twice a day with chemicals that are hidden in some of our toothpastes, your putting your health at risk.

If your shocked to find out that some of the big names in oral care have some not so great chemicals in the tooth paste your family uses, your not alone. Many times the ingredients are not listed, Toothpaste is covered under the “drug” regulations because of the therapeutic claims like “Tarter Control”and only have to list the “Active ingredients” so always look for a toothpaste with the full ingredients listed on the box. Keep an eye out for names like “Triclosan” (Antibacterial Agent) or “Sodium Laureth Sulfate” (SLS or SLES)

We love the new Améo Fresh Mint Whitening toothpaste, it uses a unique and beneficial combination of Améo’s own Essential oils to naturally flavour and create optimal oral care. Our children love the Améo Toothpaste and say it is the best toothpaste they have ever used, I just about fell over when my son came running up to me and was excited about toothpaste.. now there isn’t an issue getting the kids to brush their teeth, we just have a hard time keeping it in stock.. having a young daughter and son they both don’t like “boy/girl” germs so the both have their own tube, and when that runs out the borrow ours. mother and daughter brushing their teeth ameo whitening toothpaste

The Essential oils in the toothpaste are Spearmint, Tea Tree, Myrrh, Lemongrass and Clove this combination leaves our mouth feeling fresh and clean.

This is by far my favourite toothpaste and it’s great to know it’s a healthy and natural way to promote oral health.

Dan Carlson