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Daily Balancing Blend    60 Softgels

The human genome is made up of tens of thousands of individual genes, which affect our response to various environmental factors. Améo has analyzed over 40 of our essential oils to find out how each affects human genetic health and cellular behavior. This cutting-edge analysis, termed Améo Gene Expression (AGX), is assembled from billions of data points. It allows us to employ essential oils that promote positive gene expression. In other words, AGX provides novel insight about how we can promote improved health and well being through the proper combination and regular consumption of certain Améo Essential Oils.



Men take one softgel in the morning and one softgel in the evening daily with food and water


Through Améo Gene Expression (AGX) analysis, we have targeted and combined specific CERTI-5™ essential oils—such as Sweet Basil, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Clove, Eucalyptus Globulus and Vetiver—that help support normal hormone function in men.





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