Weight Control Blend 15ml

Since its inception, Améo has individualized itself by taking a unique, scientific approach to fully understand essential oils. We’ve leveraged this cutting-edge science and technology to create our Améo Gene Expression (AGX) database and, in turn, some of our most popular products. Then we took this same robust database and analyzed it in a completely different way; what we discovered is that there are six unique genetic zones. Each single Améo Essential Oil falls into a specific zone, and each zone’s oils affect a particular body function. Essential oils that fall into AGX Zone 3 can aid in maintaining a normal metabolism.


Add a few drops of AGX Metabolism to an Améo Veggie Cap and consume to promote a normal metabolism

With the aid of Améo Gene Expression (AGX) analysis, we have found that the following essential oils fall into AGX Zone 3: Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Basil, and Ginger. These oils are expertly combined in our AGX Metabolism blend to provide helpful components that can aid in maintaining a normal metabolism.