Cell Defense

Antioxidant Blend

Utilizing state-of-the-art scientific equipment and techniques, we were able to identify which Améo Essential Oils have the highest ability to combat damaging free radicals in the body. This exclusive Cell Defense blend powerfully combines those oils in an ideal ratio. The result is powerful antioxidant protection against the harmful effects of non-originated cells

Includes: 1 bottle of Améo Cell Defense (5 ml).


CaCo-2 is a vetted mechanism for studying the bioavailability of specific constituents across the intestinal track. It is often used to measure the absorbability of nutrients in different environments.

For example, a CaCo-2 analysis was used to learn that Iron’s absorbability is enhanced by the presence of vitamin C. As a pioneer in essential oil research and development, and using a CaCo-2 assay, Améo has quantifiably measured the synergistic bioavailability of each of our single essential oils.

From this assay, we discovered a myriad of oils that are rich in constituents that facilitate the bioavailability—and in turn the effectiveness—of other essential oil constituents. Améo has named these facilitating constituents “SuperCarriers.”


Clove oil, Black Pepper oil, German Chamomile oil, Marjoram oil, Nutmeg oil

100% Pure Essential Oils



Antioxidants are an important way to protect cells, the most basic unit of life, from damaging free radicals. To maximize the antioxidant benefits of essential oils, it is imperative that they can be absorbed intestinally.

Améo’s Cell Defense blend combines antioxidant-rich, bioavailable SuperCarriers to help nourish and safeguard human cells.

  • Helps promote normal respiratory function
  • Supplies your body with the defense it needs to protect itself against free radicals
  • Supports stronger cognitive performance

Suggested Use

Add 3 drops of Cell Defense to an Améo Veggie Cap and take by mouth each morning

• Diffuse Cell Defense in an Améo diffuser to help protect your body from free radical damage



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