Nitric Oxide Activator

Core Moringa Prime combines key ingredients that are rich in nitrates, which helps the body activate and support natural optimal levels of nitric oxide and deliver oxygen to your muscles, tissues, and organs.

Includes: 1 box of Core Moringa Prime (30 count).


Core Moringa Prime combines key ingredients like beet root extract and beet root powder, red spinach extract, L-Citrulline, and others that are rich in nitrates to help the body activate and support optimal levels of nitric oxide and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, tissues, and organs.

Ingestion of these ingredients have been shown to elevate levels of nitrite, which can be converted to Nitric Oxide—a proven vasodilator.

Taking Core Moringa Prime daily can help maintain normal circulation and blood flow and support normal cardiovascular, mental, and physical function.



Beet Root Extract, Beet Root Powder, Folate, B12, Hawthorn Berry, L-Citrulline, Green Tea Powder, Red Spinach Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Schisandra chinensis Berry Extract, Celery Seed Extract


Fructose, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide.

CAUTION: Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who have a known medical condition should consult a physician prior to taking a new supplement.

NOTES: Taking product 12 hours apart ensures optimal conversion of nitrates in the mouth and body


Helps maintain healthy and normal cardiovascular performance

• Supports normal blood flow and cardiovascular longevity

• Promotes oxygen and nutrient delivery for cardiovascular performance

Did You Know?

• Good bacteria found in the mouth, particularly on the tongue, begin the conversion of ingested nitrate to nitrite.

• The average 40-year-old produces 50% less Nitric Oxide than he or she did at age 20.

• Methylfolate is the biologically active form of folate.

• B vitamins are crucial in energy pathways and to cell regeneration.

• Beet root has gained popularity as a super food and has been used to support athletic performance, normal blood flow, and cardiovascular longevity.

Suggested Use

Pour small amounts of powder onto tongue and allow to dissolve before swallowing. Repeat until finished. Take 1-2 times daily, 12 hours apart.



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