Zija Sample Packs

A Zija Sample packs are a great way to try the Core Nutritional and Weight loss products. There are a few packs to choose from. Read the description and pick the one that is right for you, if your unsure please reach out to us and we can call and make sure your getting the trial that fits your needs. Sample packs are 4-8 days depending on what you choose, The  majority of people notice a change with in that time frame, but we say if your going to seriously look at changing your health, then give us 60-90 days. The body is continually generating new cells, typically by 90 days most of  your bodies cells have replenished and you can notice a change with new cells that have proper nourishment.

Order your sample pack now, or if your going to give it a proper trial you can contact us and we will pick a 60 day kit, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.


Choose  Your Sample Pack

Not sure which one to choose? Let us Help you..


  • The Night Before

    The night before starting your trial pack mix one sachet of Smart Mix, Super Mix, or Xm+ in 16 oz of good filtered water. Shake well and store in Refrigerator overnight to re-hydrate the moringa mix. Our sachets of moringa are Enzymatically Alive and Cell Ready.

  • When you Wake;

    Drink your Core Nutritional Drink Smart Mix, Super Mix, or Xm+. when you first awake your body is slightly dehydrated and the best time to quickly absorb nutrients would be when your body is in a fluid deprived state. Wait 20 mins then go about your morning routine.

  • Early Morning

    between 9-10am take your morning capsule, either XmAm, or XmBurn (XmTurbo in Canada) In one box there are two plastic pouches, each pouch contains 2 capsules, take only one a day. these are your energy enhancers, mood stabilizers, stabilizes blood sugars.

  • Early to Mid Morning

    Have your DAILY TEA ( make sure it’s daily tea not PREMIUM TEA ) In the box there are 4 tea bags 2 premium teas and 2 daily teas) Daily is to curb your appetite, you can take this one several times a day. The Premium Tea is the POOP tea the it is the Cleanse/detox part of the system AND IT WORKS…. only steep premium tea for 5 mins the first time and see how it affects you ( usually 8-12 hours later), Daily Tea steep normally 5-10 minutes and place the tea bag in a re sealable container and place in the fridge to get two uses.

  • Dinner Time

    Any time from 4:30 pm till bedtime you can take the XmPm capsule, this helps curb  your appetite for evening cravings, Increases Melatonin production to aid in a rest full sleep and getting your Circadian Rhythm back in sync. XmPm also lets you burn fat while you sleep.

  • Bed Time

    On Day two and Four of the trial Consume the Premium (POOP) tea, Steep for 5 mins the first time and the second time 10-15 mins depending on how it affected you the first time. There are two tea bags in the pack, you can continue to use the tea after the trial pack is done, or if you have a lot of weight to loose you could do it each night.

  • Common Symptoms / Issues

    Our Nutrition is Cleansing your Cells and healthy cells eliminate toxins and are released into the blood stream, this is where the detox tea comes in and eliminates those toxins. you may feel detox symptoms, which may include, headache, bloating, cramps, lack of energy and fatigue, this usually happens around day2-3 but goes away, it the symptoms are too much to handle cut the amount of mix your have in half daily, and and make sure you drink plenty of water you can become dehydrated with the cleanse.

    Remember this is a Plant and with plants everyone can react differently and include allergic reactions, so take note of any reactions and if concerning stop the product, contact your Dr and contact  your Rep for info.

  • Download a .pdf on how to take our products, so you can print it off at home. HERE

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