School Teacher Achieves Companies top Rank

Chris Estes, school teacher turned multi million dollar earner, achieves Zija Internationals Top pin Rank and surpasses David Moses as the companies top money earner. A position that David has held for over 10 chris estes and David Moses

Mr Estes had no prior experience in network sales. A friend introduced him to Zija international and the Moringa based product. Mr. Estes excited to get started, he followed simple proven duplicatable system that was easy to implement and teach others.

Within the first 3years he achieved a million dollars in earnings… fast forward 3 years and Chris had risen to the top of Zija’s compensation plan to hold the rank of Crowne Diamond Elite.

David Moses said in an interview with “”

“Chris brings the promise of what a first time networker and business person can achieve with the right vehicle and mentorship,” David says. “ in fact, is the single best story in the direct sales industry, achieving million dollar annual earning status in his first 3 years!”
Chris Estes began at Zija International as a schoolteacher with no experience in the network marketing industry. With hard work, the belief that the success of a team comes first, and with a willing attitude to help anyone, Chris has achieved the Rank of Crowne Diamond Elite.
“At age 54 looking to the future, I see the next generation of leaders as the future of the direct selling industry. Chris Estes is one of the sharpest people I have ever met in my 28 plus years of Network Marketing,”
David says.
“He’s not only the new top earner at Zija International, but I predict he may become one of the world’s all-time top earners in the entire industry! For me having such a leader in my organization is the ultimate reflection of a successful career.”

chris estes zija international crowne diamond elite moringa.coChris will be the first to point out one of the secrets to his success is, that he was coachable, stay plugged in to a simple duplicatable formula.

Anyone who reaches a prestigious rank/position such as Crowne Diamond Elite has only achieved that rank because they have helped thousands of people succeed along the way, ….a byproduct of helping others succeed is that you prosper as well.

The saying goes “a rising tide lifts all boats“

Part of Chris’s leap frog past David Moses was in part because of Zija international’s “SECOND WAVE” promotion. it was a huge success. ( interested in finding our more? Msg us)

Zija International Two new Partners Qivana and Xango

As well two major players in the Natural Health and Wellness niche joined Zija. The first was Qivana announcing in early March 2017 to their Customers and Distributors that Qivana was now part of Zija international and their four core divisions 1) Core Moringa Nutritional’s, 2) Améo Essential Oils 3) genM skin Care Line and 4) Ripstix sports supplements.

Shortly after Qivana announcement, Xango broke the news to it’s people that they were also joining the ranks of Zija international.

These 3 events resulted in an influx of over 40,000 new people joining Zija, in less than two months, and it doesn’t look as though the growth is slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can become a Zija distributor click HERE

Exciting times ahead for sure, Zija Regionals are coming up quickly and some huge announcement about new products and growth, will be unveiled.