by Dr. Scott Johnson

Essential oil book, Dr. scott A. Johnson and Dr. Joshua Plant Synergy it's an Essential OilHere is a great book just being released, Dr. Joshua Plant Zija’s very own VP of Research and Development. It’s a great read and It should be added to everyone’s library. Have a look and pick it up for yourself!

Hear what professionals are saying about this book:

“I have always understood the subjective benefits and amazing health responses of essential oils but as a physician trying to explain the reasons for these responses has before now been difficult. This book will be the new clinician desk reference for the essential oils. The epigenetics section will blow you away and will certainly have you adding essential oils to your wellness and age protecting protocols. Outstanding book.”

Daniel Stickler, M.D.

Janet Danes

I already have and use Dr Scott Johnson’s book (Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails) for therapeutic blends. I’m so excited to see he has co-authored a book with Dr Plant. I’m ordering a copy ASAP.

essentialoils_book, integrated guid to essential oils and aromatherapyAnd while we are on the subject of books, Here is a book we use daily, there is a Second edition out now as well. If you like apps there is an “app for that”

this book has the option of a downloadable app.essentialoils_phone