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What Happened to Core Moringa XM3?

Over the last few months I have been innundated with questions regarding Zija’s Core Moringa XM3, every day I recieve emails pleading for XM3, customers are asking for old stock, or hoping that there is one last bottle on a remote shelf somewhere.

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I wish there was! but unfortuantely Core Moringa XM3 is discontinued, it is very unfortunate as XM3 was a great product and was loved by so many people.

The whole unfortuante take over of Zija international by Isagenix has created a hole in the market where so many of Zija’s great products have disappeared into.. never to return. Core Moringa XM3 is just one of tens of products discontinued by Isagenix.

I don’t profess to know all the reasons, but I do know that Zija had several products that the cost more to produce than they were able to sell them for, as well having a huge supply of products that sat on the shelf becuase the reorder rate was a slower turn around, the productcs took longer for customers to use.

I will create a post shortly with all the products that have been discontinued since the take over from Isagenix, Some of the products have been discontinued as Isagenix feels they have a similar product already in production that deals with the same issues we are having, so in an effort to stream line the two companies amalgamation the majority of Zija’s products will be discontinued.

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I have recieved so many emails in regards to Xm3 I will forward my concerns that the Core Moringa XM3 should not have been discontinued and would recomment Isagenix looking at the feasability of bring it back.

In the interm, after talking with Isagenix reps the best replacement for XM3 in the Isagenix product line is the

Natural Accelerator

Natural Accelerator uses natural ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, and cocoa seed to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism to help you burn fat.*
  • Excellent addition to Cleanse Days
  • Helps boost metabolism to burn fat*
  • Stimulant-free to avoid jitters


If your interested in trying the Natural Accelerator I will put some links below, I will also keep you posted on any progress or news in regards to bringing Core Moringa XM3 back.


For USA customers

Order Here

For Canadian Customers.

Order Here

For other countries please reach out and I will send you a personalized link.


thank you for your continued support and patience as we all move through this process.


Dan and Kelly