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The beneficial properties of Moringa Oleifera are unparalleled and highly unique. Moringa isenriched with both water and fat-soluble vitamins, it is an excellent source of the amino acids that our body craves, and it has rare phytocompounds that aid in promoting a healthier body.

Recognizing that the nutrition in Moringa is not immune to harsh harvesting and manufacturing practices, Zija has gone above and beyond industry standards to deliver the most nutritious Moringa possible. From tree to mouth, Zija scrutinizes each step to ensure that nutrition is at the forefront of all decisions in the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. I will address just a few of the steps that Zija takes to ensure that the nutrition of our products is never compromised; after all, Moringa without its nutrition becomes just another plant.


Not all Moringa is created equal. In fact, depending on where Moringa trees are grown, their nutritional content can vary significantly. Knowing this, Zija has vetted several different locations and farms where our Moringa trees will have the highest nutrient content available, even if it comes at a premium cost.


We work tirelessly to ensure that Moringa’s nutritional properties are conserved as much as possible during its harvesting and preparation. While shade drying is a much longer and more costly process than drying in the sun, it also prevents harmful UV rays from crosslinking vitamins and minerals, which would render them inert. This once again demonstrates Zija’s commitment to delivering the most nutritious Moringa possible.


Zija has created a proprietary blend that incorporates several different efficacious parts of the Moringa tree. This blend has allowed us to achieve a complementary nutritional profile. For example, even though Moringa leaves contain a lot of Vitamin C, the pods contain even more. By combining Moringa leaves, seeds, and fruit, we can maximize Moringa nutrition in products such as SmartMix, PR1ME90, XM+ Energy Mix, XMam, and XMpm.


As a leader in manufacturing technology, Zija uses state of the art machinery for each and every one of our products. Understanding that nutrition can be compromised by exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and time, we quickly blend and assemble our products into airtight sachets that meet the highest standards of manufacturing.

Here at Zija, we are unwilling to compromise the nutritional value of Moringa. In doing so we are able to deliver a highly valuable product that helps address the nutritional void that is so prevalent in today’s diet.


  • ZIJA NOURISHES THE BODY’S IMMUNE SYSTEM.The body’s complex immune system is comprised of several organs, and trillions of cells, all requiring nutrients from caloric intake to function correctly and properly. Zija’s Moringa Oleifera provides many dozens of these nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, and essential amino acids.
  •  ZIJA PROMOTES HEALTHY CIRCULATION.Significant research on the ingestion of Moringa oleifera in humans strongly suggests that it can help support both health and function of the circulatory, blood, and the cardiovascular systems.
  • ZIJA IS 100% BIOAVAILABLE .Unlike many popular fruit juice blends that are heavily pasteurized, artificially modified, colored or flavored, Zija uses only all-natural ingredients truly found in nature for an optimum and pristine blend to truly benefit health.
  • ZIJA IS ENZYMATICALLY ALIVE .Scientific research strongly suggests mitochontrial sirtuins (a group of enzymes) that exist in every cell are the master regulators that divert energy into cellular preservation. Moringa Oleifera is very rich in such enzymes, which are unmodified, or unharmed, when you drink Zija.
  • ZIJA PROVIDES NATURAL ANTI-AGING BENEFITS . Zija’s wide array of antioxidant nutrients, which include Zeatin, Quercetin, Omega-3, Fatty Acids, and vitamins, can protect the body’s cells and prevent many of the common conditions associated with aging.
  • ZIJA DELIVERS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT.Scientists now point to inflammation as a primary contributor to many of today’s most common diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, arthritis, attention deficit disorders, diabetes, obesity, and many more. Several compounds in the Moringa plant, include Quercetin and Caffeoylquinic Acid, are known to support normal anti-inflammatory activity in the body.
  • ZIJA IS GENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE (GRAS). There are no harmful ingredients in Zija. Zija is also Circle U Kosher & Parve, Hasidic Approved, and hypo (non) allergenic. Zija’s Moringa is grown to the highest standards available for assured, consistent, empirical-quality delivery of all nutrients.
  • MORINGA OLEIFERA IN ZIJA HAS A LONG AYURVEDIC HISTORY. Historical and medical texts indicate that eastern Ayurvedic healers have employed the Moringa plant for many thousands of years, from conditions ranging from digestive complaints to arthritis. Combined with modern-day scientific support, this anecdotal evidence provides a powerful affirmation of Moringa’s therapeutic abilities.
  • ZIJA IS EASILY ABSORBABLE. Zija is designed to be absorbed in as quickly as 20 minutes from ingestion. Of course the amount of Zija to consume depends on specific factors such as the individual, predispositions, time, and caloric or exercise regiments, all of which could influence results. In tracking millions of servings of Zija consumed, typically at least 86 out of every 100 consumers report a positive effect in their lifestyle with Zija.
  • ZIJA SUPPLIES NUTRIENTS MISSING IN THE MODERN DIET. Today’s western diet has double the caloric intake of a consumer in 1965 and we are receiving 75% less nutrient value for current calories consumed. Seeking daily, quality nutrient supplementation is no longer an option but a requirement for health. Zija provides these nutrient benefits.
  • THE MOST NUTRIENT-RICH PLANT EVER DISCOVERED. Many experts feel that Moringa oleifera boasts the widest array of vital nutrients of any botanical known on this planet. There are dozens of nutrient values in Moringa oleifera and in each can of Zija, including, but not limited to, Beta-Sitosterol, several B Vitamins, Vitamins C, D-3, E, Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, all the essential Amino Acids, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonoids, Lutein, and many others. Zija is a power-packed super beverage like no other!
  • ZIJA IS CONVENIENT. Zija is the perfect answer for today’s hectic and busy lifestyles. Zija is conveniently portable and user-friendly. A serving of Zija per day for most folks is all you need!
  • ZIJA BUILDS HEALTHY BODIES. It has been anecdotally reported that Zija has improved health across the globe. Whether involved with competitive sports, regular physical training, or just simple recovery from injury, Zija gets you there faster and safer for all ages.
  • ZIJA IS AFFORDABLE. As Zija’s formulator, I came to this product not knowing if I could even achieve an efficacious beverage. I must tell you that Zija has become one of my crowning achievements toward the betterment of health for all. Can any of us put a price on good health? Zija delivers and works where other products simply do not. Cost breaks down to $3/day.


Russ Bianchi is Zija’s premier product formulator. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Adept Solutions, Inc., a global product development, formulation and existing brand conversion firm. Mr. Bianchi is an expert in nutritional bioavailability, a highly respected formulator of many recognized nutritional branded products, and the author of several food technology and nutrition articles.

For more science based insights on Moringa Oleifera


“We work tirelessly to ensure that Moringa’s nutritional properties are conserved as much as possible during its harvesting and preparation. While shade drying is a much longer and more costly process than drying in the sun, it also prevents harmful UV rays from crosslinking vitamins and minerals, which would render them inert. This once again demonstrates Zija’s commitment to delivering the most nutritious Moringa possible.”

Report : Positive and Negative Zija Side Effects 

If you been wondering about Zija side effects and contemplating to yourself is it safe for me to try Zija? Well so far this is what I know. Many thousands of people all over the world have been consuming Zija products on a very consistent basis for some time now. The questions are whether or not there are any Zija side effects?

The Zija Side Effects are mostly all positive

Some side effects may include nausea,and upset stomach and the inability to sleep with ease. Very few people experience adverse side effects and even those that do only experience them for a few days at the most.

Zija side effects and its cause 

The main ingredient in the Zija’s Smart Mix is a proprietary mix of Moringa oleifera. This also includes Moringa leaf powder, leaf puree, seed cake, fruit powder and fruit juice. Combined, they give you the all the nutritional benefits from the Moringa tree.

Like most plants, Moringa contains a high amount of chlorophyll that causes an initial detoxification effect to occur in people. These negative zija side effects are normally rare and usually subside and go away within a week of use. Now the most important key to experiencing all of the positive side effect of Moringa is to continue using the products until your body has had time to cleanse itself of the toxins it has built up from years of unhealthy eating habits and food lacking in nutrients.

Majority of supplements, and Zija “knockoffs” won’t have this kind of issue, because they’ve gone through so much processing that most of the beneficial nutrients and ingredients such as the chlorophyll have been eliminated!

When it comes down to it, these probably wouldn’t be considered true side effects! These negative effects aren’t caused by any reaction to the ingredients in the Zija Smart Mix. They’re actually a temporary side effect from your body restoring itself from the bad habits in one’s diet!

How to Address the “Zija Side Effects

If you happen to experience nausea, upset stomach or any sleeplessness when starting the Smart Mix, then I recommend you cut your consumption in half for the first few days or at least until the detoxification (zija side effects) subside.

There have been no Zija side effects from the Moringa blend reported. Moringa is simply food for your body and once the initial discomfort stops, you should then begin seeing plenty positive side effects to your health. The zija side effects of Moringa are virtually non-existent, especially when compared to the more prominent side effects caused by taking over the counter (OTC) or prescription medications to mask your symptoms. It is a fact that medications have averaged an incredible 70+ potential side effects when taken.

While using a computer program, scientists analysed 5,600 drug labels and more than 500,000 labelled effects. It was found that the average drug comes with a list of 70 potential reactions, according to researchers. In fact, the more commonly prescribed drugs averaged around 100 side effects each, with some drugs containing as many as 525 listed reactions.

When it comes down to it, the Zija side effects are more positive with the negative being more of a cleansing to the body.

Article source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/06/09/average-drug-label-lists-over-whopping-70-side-effects.aspx

Before you begin taking the Zija products please ensure you have spoken with us regarding your existing health, well-being and lifestyle.  Feedback suggests that some Zija products are not for everybody and sensitivity varies from person to person.




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